…I felt a heavy burden lifted

Seeking help from a professional interior decorator was about the smartest thing my wife and I have ever done. We don’t exactly have the trained eye it takes to decorate a home. Over the years we were fooling ourselves trying to decorate on our own. Ultimately, I realized that we wasted several thousand dollars on countless pieces of furniture that just didn’t give us the look we wanted. The day finally came when we sought the help of Kelly Brasch Interiors, and I felt a heavy burden lifted off my back.

Kelly’s knowledge and understanding of what we wanted our home to look like was outstanding. She has such a knack for working with both husband and wife to find the perfect compromise. This resulted in transforming our run of the mill home into a magazine show piece. Kelly is extremely passionate about what she does. You can tell because she is always smiling and overflowing with confidence, which is precisely what puts us at ease. We get nothing but compliments whenever company comes over, and that’s the ultimate reward we were looking for. We highly recommend Kelly’s work, and if you want a true testimonial we are offering paid tours of our home on the weekend (ha ha)!