…my house looks like a model home.

I hired Kelly to help with a kitchen remodel and interior decorating for the whole main floor in my home. I am a busy working mom and needed Kelly’s expertise in color, style, theme, and project planning.

I am not very creative nor imaginative. Given a primary theme, I turned to Kelly for advice. Kelly exceeded my expectations. She was decisive, creative, energetic, and very easy to work with. You can hire Kelly to work with you all along the way or let her just do it! I worked with her all the way, but next time I am going to just let her do it all. I trust her judgement.

Kelly has a very keen eye and if you hire Kelly, when your project is done, you will be sure to receive a lot of compliments. I feel like my house looks like a model home now!!! Exactly what I wanted and couldn’t do myself.

I will be hiring Kelly in the near future for a basement remodel and looking forward to working with her again.