…it was on budget!

Interior design isn’t at the top of my fun list, but I really enjoy working with Kelly. She’s very easy to work with and at no time did I feel rushed or pushed off to the side. She took the time to understand my taste and worked with me to help purchase all of the furniture for our new home; quite an accomplishment given that we were moving from a small condo to a fairly large house. She selected pieces that were comfortable and timeless, both of which were very important to me. I especially liked the fact that she did most (okay, just about all) of the leg work and sent me the links so I could make my decisions from the comfort of my own home. What would’ve taken me well over a year to do on my own was done in just a few short months. And, it was on budget! That was over a year ago and I’ve already called her back twice to help with changing one guest room into a nursery and the other into my office.